Commercial Asphalt Paving

Give Your Guests a Beautiful Place to Park

Ask about our commercial asphalt paving service in St. Cloud, Suak Rapids, MN and surrounding areas

Is your parking lot riddled with potholes or crumbling asphalt? The appearance of your blacktop can deter customers from visiting your business. Midwest Paving and Contracting LLC offers a fast and reliable commercial asphalt paving service throughout St. Cloud & Suak Rapids, MN. This includes installing new lots, repairing crumbling asphalt and resurfacing old asphalt.

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Let us pave your way

If your asphalt isn't installed right, it can lead to major issues and costly repairs down the road. Midwest Paving and Contracting provides a comprehensive asphalt paving service that covers:

  • Parking lots
  • Walking trails
  • Seasonal roads
  • Rest stop lots
  • Neighborhoods


Get professional paving services you can rely on. Contact us in St. Cloud or Suak Rapids, MN to schedule our commercial asphalt paving service today.


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