Parking Lot Striping

ADA and State-Approved Parking Lot Striping

Schedule our asphalt striping service in St. Cloud or Suak Rapids, MN and surrounding areas

When striping your parking lot, there are federal and state laws that you must abide by. Midwest Paving and Contracting LLC provides an ADA-compliant asphalt striping service throughout St. Cloud & Suak Rapids, MN. Our professionals will measure your parking lot and plan for adequate spacing, lining and signage for handicapped-accessible spots and pedestrian crossings.

Don't make your guests have to guess where to park. Contact our licensed pavers in St. Cloud or Suak Rapids, MN to learn more about our state-regulated asphalt striping service today.

Skip the DIY - call a professional

Midwest Paving and Contracting has an in-depth understanding of parking lot striping regulations and can ensure:

  • You have enough handicapped-accessible spots available.
  • Appropriate parking lot stall spacing.
  • The proper width for pedestrian crosswalks.


Leave your parking lot striping to the professionals. Call 320-469-7283 to schedule our asphalt striping service today.


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